Seichim Reiki

Seichim Reiki

Seichim Reiki or Egyptian Reiki, as it is known, differs from other healing techniques due to its energetic vibrations and the large number of symbols used as healing instruments. It reaches higher energetic dimensions which help to resolve emotional, psychological and mental level problems; applicable to all living organisms (humans, animals and plants), emanating the energy of ‘ALL LOVE’.

Like Reiki, it does not require the use of machines or equipment and the energy transmitted is not from the operator. The system is a technique to transmit energy using the operator as a channel.

seichim reiki

The Seichim Sekhem reiki operator is just an instrument for channeling Universal Energy. This technique seeks to balance the masculine and feminine energy of divine transformation present in humans. It uses sacred symbols and mantras to release deeply rooted energetic blocks in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body and elevates the initiate to the path of ascension.

What are your benefits

Through Seichim Sekhem energy, it is possible to make direct contact with the Higher Self and soul and Monad level healings. SEICHIM/SEKHEM frees the energy channels of the individual, allowing conscious awareness of all their other bodies, the development of clairvoyance, telepathy, conscious astral projection, among others.

  • Connect to your higher self, working from 6th Dimension and higher;
  • works on all levels, aura, physical, emotional and mental tensions;
  • Increases energy and vitality levels;
  • Increases love for yourself and others;
  • Helps with loss, traumatic experiences, negative thoughts, personal doubts, fears and irrational behaviours;
  • Increases feeling of joy, connection and purpose;
  • Increases mental clarity and focus.

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