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Seichim Reiki

Seichim Reiki or Egyptian Reiki, as it is known, differs from other healing techniques due to its energetic vibrations and the large number of symbols used as healing instruments. It reaches higher energetic dimensions which help to resolve emotional, psychological and mental level problems; applicable to all living organisms.

Begin your journey into the ‘All Love’ energy. Explore the available Seichim courses below, from beginner to master level

seichim reiki

Seichim Reiki Level 1

Seichim Reiki Level 1, also known as Sekhem Seichim, is the original system channeled by Patrick Zeigler, without the mixture with Usui Reiki.

This energy is described as warm and wonderful, acting to bring love, happiness, and joy. In the first level, 8 symbols are received for channeling the system.

The main purpose of Sekhem Seichim is to open up to unconditional love and spiritual evolution. The symbols have varied uses, from opening the heart chakra, communicating with animals, contacting the higher self, accessing multiple dimensions to perform healing, among others.

Seichim Level 2

Seichim Reiki Level 2 expands your channeling channels even more so that you’re able to channel even more Universal healing energy.

At this level, the practitioner also deepens their connection to their higher self and learns tools for clearing blockages rooted in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. This level is more subtle and higher vibration than Level 1 as it further opens the chakras and increases the energy flow in your bodies2.

In addition to these advancements, Level 2 of Seichim Reiki involves a detailed discussion of SSR Level II Symbols (what they are, how to draw them, and how to use them).

It also includes a detailed explanation of distance healing using SSR3. This level mostly works on the mental and emotional bodies and areas that need to be cleared or resolved so that you can progress and move on in life.

After completing Level 2, students are able to channel Reiki energy for deeper healing and transformation.

Seichim Reiki Master Teacher Level

The Seichim Master level represents the pinnacle of mastery in the art of Seichim healing and energy work. At this advanced stage, practitioners have honed their skills to an extraordinary degree, allowing them to channel and manipulate the universal life force energy with remarkable precision and effectiveness.

Seichim Masters have undergone extensive training and spiritual development, gaining a deep understanding of the intricate energy systems within the human body and how to harmonize them for healing and spiritual growth. They can facilitate profound healing experiences, promote spiritual awakening, and serve as guides for those on their own journey of self-discovery and transformation.

In the Seichim Master level, students not only acquire advanced healing techniques but also delve into the esoteric and mystical aspects of this ancient Egyptian healing art. They learn to tap into the wisdom of the ages, connecting with the lineage of Seichim Masters who have passed down their knowledge through generations.

This level of mastery is a testament to the dedication and commitment of those who embark on the path of Seichim, as it requires not only skill but also a profound spiritual connection and a deep sense of responsibility to use this powerful energy for the highest good of all beings.