Reiki Usui

Reiki is a very specific form of energy healing, in which hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the body, as in “laying on of hands.” Reiki can also be done “long-distance,” as a form of prayer. It breaks Down Energy Blocks and Balances The Mind, Body, and Spirit. Regular Reiki treatment promotes the consistent and unlocked flow of energy throughout the body. This allows people to feel less stress, enhances learning and memory, promotes mental clarity, and physical healing/ less physical pain…

reiki usui
seichim reiki

Seichim Reiki

Seichim (pronounced say-keem) works in the same way as Reiki, with hands placed on the body, but in addition hands may be working in the aura which surrounds the body. It is reputedly one of the healing arts practised in ancient Egypt. Reiki is one of the four elemental rays which make up Seichim – earth (Reiki), water, air and fire. Seichem was rediscovered in 1980 by Patrick Zeigler while he was visiting Egypt and after spending the night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid…


Quantum Physics is applied to change our reality. ThetaHealing is a meditational process that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with focused prayer through the Creator. When we connect to the Creator of all that is, our brain waves automatically go into a Theta state of mind. In this mind-state, you can create anything and change reality, instantly. This is quantum healing as we work as together with the Creator as Co-creators creating our reality.

psionic tables

Psionic Tables

There are some methods capable of making the client change habits and thoughts that used to disturb them. This is how the Psionic Table works. It is actually a rectangular board that has four pillars: Radiesthesics, Radionics, Sacred Geometry and Spirituality.  It can be considered a healing tool, capable of treating emotional, love, financial and depression problems, as it acts directly on the client’s mental balance…

Magnified Healing

A vibrational healing method that uses breath, sound (affirmations pronounced by the healer and client), sacred geometry, hands-on healing, establishment of a light channel, alignment and balance of chakras, expansion of the Threefold Flame, and transmutation by the Violet Fire.

magnified healing
tarot reading

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is a form of divination that uses a deck of tarot cards. The tarot reader will ask the individual to select a set number of cards from the deck. The cards chosen and their position in the layout will guide the reader in interpreting the individual’s situation, possible future events, and offering advice1. Tarot readings can be done on a daily basis or at regular intervals, such as weekly